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YUTORI NO KUKAN, where customers can enjoy both shopping and cuisine at the same time, is a shop that offers a lifestyle experience to our customers. Our restaurant offers special recipes from Harumi Kurihara that are matched with the each of the different scenes of lunch, tea time and dinner. Also, several of our restaurants are established together with shops where our customers can purchase items that are essential to an enjoyable lifestyle, from original and select kitchen products to clothing.

8 restaurants

Daimaru Sapporo, HOKKAIDO
Hibiya chanter, TOKYO
NU chayamachi PLUS, OSAKA
Daimaru Kyoto, KYOTO
Daimaru Kobe, HYOGO
Tsuruya Department Store, KUMAMOTO
Miyazaki Yamakataya, MIYAZAKI
Yamakataya Department Store, KAGOSHIMA

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