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English cookbook

Everyday Harumi
Simple Japanese food for family and friends
By Harumi Kurihara

Published: UK Hardback - September 2009
Price £20.00

Everyday Harumi is her third book published in the English language. It selects her favorite foods and presents more than 60 new home-style recipes for you to make for family and friends.
The book introduces you to the essential Japanese store-cupboard – the staples you need to make effortless Japanese cooking everyday. Rice vinegar, sake, mirin, soy sauce, miso, wasabi, etc will help you create the sauces and dressings in the book which are the cornerstones of most of the recipes. Each section is split by ingredients and includes an array of healthy and delicious dishes, for example Mashed Potato with a Japanese-style Mushroom Sauce; Hot Noodle Soup with Sliced Duck, Salmon and Prawn Fishcakes, Simmered Pork in Crêpes and so on. Elegant, healthy and just as fast as pasta - Harumi’s dishes and style of cooking will encourage a new audience to bring a taste of Japan to the table.

Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking
By Harumi Kurihara

Published: UK Hardback - September 2006
Publisher Conran Octopus
Price £20.00

Harumi's second English cookbook "Japanese Home Cooking" presents more than 70 authentic Japanese recipes, and menu and table presentation suggestions, this illustrated work introduces specialist Japanese cooking techniques such as the use of cooking chopsticks, and different knives and styles of chopping. Chapters include soup, eggs and tofu, rice and noodles, meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, drinks, bento (lunch boxes) and menu planning. Throughout the book, Harumi's Hints offer tips and helpful suggestions and alternative Western ingredients are suggested in place of hard-to-find specialist Japanese products, without compromising on taste or results. A glossary of ingredients and useful lists of suppliers complete the book.

Harumi’s Japanese Cooking
By Harumi Kurihara

First Published: UK Hardback - September 2004, UK Paperback - May 2008
Publisher Conran Octopus
Price £14.99

This book is Harumi’s first English cookbook. Aims to demystify Japanese cooking and show that it can be made with ingredients easily available in Europe and North America. Harumi helps to learn how to prepare more than 70 authentic Japanese recipes for fish and seafood, meat, rice, tofu, sushi, noodles, soup, vegetables, desserts and drinks.
With suggestions for complete meals, a glossary of ingredients and their western alternatives, and lists of suppliers, Harumi demystifies modern Japanese cooking. Illustrated throughout with superb photographs of dishes, preparation steps, tableware and presentation ideas, Harumi's Japanese Cooking gives a popular insight into the way meals are eaten in Japan today. Drawing on traditional elements, the recipes embrace simplicity and elegance, combining authentic Japanese cuisine with contemporary tastes.

Japanese cookbook

Kurihara Harumi Your Japanese Kitchen 1
By Harumi Kurihara

Publisher Japan Broadcast Publishing Co., Ltd.
Published December 2009
Price ¥1,200

This book is based on TV series, “Your Japanese Kitchen” an NHK TV program broadcast overseas, where Harumi began to introduce Japanese home cooking with her English in April 2007.The recipes Harumi introduces in this book are originally written for people outside Japan.
Harumi says, "I have tried to explain Japanese dishes simply, beginning with the basic steps, so that people who have never tried Japanese food will nevertheless be able to understand.
I have also tried to choose ingredients that are available overseas. This book is written both in Japanese and in English. I will be happy if this book can give you an opportunity to make friends with people from abroad, as well as in Japan"

Quarterly magazine
By Harumi Kurihara

Published since September 2006
Publisher Fusosha

This quarterly recipe magazine has been publishing in March, June, September, and December 1st every year. It introduces cooking recipes as well as interiors, gardening, and other things to make your life enjoyable with Harumi’s free-wheeling and creative ideas. It has attracted loyal women readers, especially those in their thirties to fifties.

Gochisosama ga Kikitakute
By Harumi Kurihara

Published November 1992
Publisher Bunka shuppankyoku
Price ¥1,554

Harumi's fifth book “Gochisosama ga Kikitakute” (“I want to hear you say: That was delicious”) introduces 140 recipes based on her everyday home cooking. This book became a big hit among women, particularly housewives. This book is still reprinted every year.

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