Privacy Policy

YUTORI NO KUKAN Corporation (hereafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes that it is the social responsibility of our corporation to ensure the appropriate handling of names, addresses, telephone numbers and other information supplied by customers that enables the identification of a specific individual (hereafter referred to as “private information”). Our company protects and respects private information based on the items listed below.


Purpose of using private information
Private information supplied by customers is used only for the purpose of providing and introducing the products and services handled by our company.

Collection of private information
When our company asks a customer to supply us with private information, we clearly indicate the purpose of use for such information and we acquire only the minimum amount of required information.
Customers may be asked to supply private information when using the products or services of our company or when our company is responding to a customer inquiry. In such cases, we collect private information using fair and appropriate methods.

Supply of private information to third parties
Except for cases in which a valid reason exists such as compliance with applicable laws and regulations, our company does not provide private information supplied by customers to any third party other than parties to which our business is consigned, business partners, or parties which inherit the business of our company.

Management of private information
A manager is established in each division which handles the private information of customers. Furthermore, we work to prevent the occurrence of risks such as the leakage, unauthorized transfer and loss of information.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of private information
For cases in which a customer desires notification regarding the usage of their own private information, or in which a customer desires disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of that information, our company will quickly perform all required measures within a rational range of action upon being contacted by the customer.

Revision of handling of private information
In addition to compliance with all laws and regulations which apply to private information, our company performs suitable revisions regarding the handling of our customer’s private information as described above, and we continually work to achieve greater protection of private information. As a result of such revisions, our policies are subject to change without prior notification. Thank you for your understanding.


Last Updated: September 1, 2009